The Back Story

I’d like to share some of the resources that I’ve found valuable in guiding—and challenging—my thinking. The videos/podcasts below were chosen as brief summaries. All of the featured people have large bodies of work that can be accessed in various formats.

I’ve been trying to find my way in the cow business for about 25 years. We started small and are still growing. I’ve raised registered cattle for about 20 years. I’ve lived near Briggsdale for 18 years.


Art of Range

I was a little slow on getting started listening to podcasts, but it’s a great way to pass the time while driving or out doing chores. Tip Hudson does an excellent job interviewing range professionals on topics relevant to ranchers—

Working Cows

This set of podcasts covers a wide range of ideas. I thought some of the interviews were really good—


David Lalman, PhD.
This is the best discussion of matching cows to forage resources that I’ve seen—Dr. David Lalman from OSU. The discussion includes a comparison of multiple breeds, as well as milk and mature size (Great Plains Grazing webinar, 10-27-15). Matching cows to resources is the lynchpin in creating financial and ecological sustainability.

Allan Savory
The video below has been watched almost two million times on youtube. Allan Savory’s message is controversial, but I think he’s an important voice. His impact is undeniably massive—on and off the land. When I met him, it took me a while to figure out that what his institute, and Holistic Management International (HMI), is really about for producers is providing decision making tools for a complex management problem. The tools, solutions and strategies are diverse.

If you’ve heard of holistic management, but not had any experience with the system, you might check out this summary video. I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in a class taught by Kirk Gadzia—an interesting thinker.

Burke Teichart
I make it a point to read everything Burke Teichart writes in Beef magazine. In this video he summarizes some of key tenants for successful ranching. I was fortunate to hear him speak in Greeley at the Farm Show Beef Day and at one of the Range Beef Cow symposiums. He honed and proved his approach while managing one of the largest ranching operations in the world.

I apologize if I sent you down a youtube ‘rabbit hole’, but these people have made a point to use some of their time and talent to help other people be successful—an admirable trait.

Why all of the emphasis on grazing and business? If we don’t get the ranching fundamentals right, the best bulls in the world won’t do us much good.

Unfortunately, it’s much harder to share all of the good advice and help I’ve gotten from friends and neighbors over the years. Peer-to-peer learning is huge.

If you’d like to visit about our approach, give me a call — Emmett Jordan (970-656-3801).